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Coordination Services

Coordination of services for those with contracts from Family Support for Children with Disability (FSCD) is offered. We work tirelessly to maximize the benefit of working with multidisciplinary teams and reduce the workload for you. At The Practice we will manage complicated documentation and team schedules so that you can get back to the things that matter, like spending time with your family.

Fee Schedule

Services include e-mail or phone follow-up, clinical consultation with our team, and / or consultation with appropriate community professionals. 

Mental Health and Wellness:

Our clinical team of clinicians follow the recommended fee set forth by the Psychologists Association of Alberta. We are committed to provide efficient and effective services and remain flexible to providing assistance at the duration and frequency that best suits your needs and lifestyle. 

Nutrition and Dietary Consultation

A 60 minute session is $200 / hr and  includes:

  • Comprehensive nutrition and health interview
  • Analysis of your carbohydrate, fat, protein, vitamin, and mineral intake and needs
  • Discussion of areas of specific concern or interest to you

Nutrition Recommendations

  • A Personalized Nutrition Program designed to meet your nutritional needs
  • Strategies to help you attain a healthier diet
  • Meal, snack and menu ideas developed with your input

Nutrition/diet counseling by a Registered Dietitian may be covered under your extended benefits plan. Check with your benefits manager. 

Groups and Education

Educational sessions are offered so that you can access the information you need without long term commitment. Groups are multi-date packages focused intensely on a specific area. All topics are client driven and The Practice will continue to evolve upcoming events based on your requests.

We also complete a range of functional and formal assessment services. Each assessment is tailored to your specific questions and need. Please contact for more information. 

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Our Services


Our clinical team offers individual services across the wellness spectrum including anxiety, depression, goal fulfilment and communication blocks often seen in parenting and significant-other relationships. Appointments are booked at the duration and frequency that meets your needs, and will be determined by you and your psychologist.