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Helping Anxious Elementary Aged Children

Date TBD

This is a single session  presentation by Carmen Dodsworth, R.Psyc,  how to recognize signs of anxiety in your child, connect with other parents, understand the system and know when to seek help.  Topics will include:

- what is 'normal'  or expected behavior in this young age group.

- what is anxiety, and what do we know about why it develops in children?

- working with the school, what can be done to help at school.

- what can be done at home to help children develop resiliency and coping skills for worry.

-when to get professional help and how to know what service is best

Fee: $60.00 for one, $90.00 for two

Time: 1.5 hour presentation,  group may run longer for question and answer time, and interaction with other parents 

​Date: TBD, however  day and evening group offered separately. No need to attend both as the same material will be presented.  (minimum registration required, daytime and evening group )

Register: Day or Evening Group, 403-472-5862 or booking@thepracticecalgary.com 

Cyclical Groups Offered Based on Interest.

Lifestyle Series
In this 4 week interactive Lifestyle Series you will learn from Psychologist Carmen Dodsworth what leading edge research says about living your best life.
Get away from fads and pop psychology
Make lasting and manageable changes in diet and exercise
Learn cognitive behavioral and mindfulness based strategies to manage your stress
Discover how to create and maintain fulfilling connections in your relationships
‣ Lifestyle Changes 
‣ Managing Stress 
‣ Relaxation Response 
‣ Fulfilling Relationships 

Social Apps

This group will  help your child develop their own social programs in a step by step and interactive fashion. 
It will highlight social innuendos, rules and give tools to navigate challenging situations or behaviour in others. 
Some people pick these cues up naturally while many don’t but these are skills that can be taught, much like building a drop down menu in a computer program, once it is developed it is there for future use.

Topics Will Include:
-Understanding and Reading Body Language
-Steps to joining groups
-navigating challenging situations
-developing their own social program

Help Your Child Navigate The Internet

Learn effective tools and strategies to keep your family safe in a world gone mobile.
Teach your child how to respect and protect their privacy online and become aware of what to do with information overload.
Be informed in our new generation of cyber bullying.

How To Raise Stress Free Kids

In this one day workshop, learn how to go from teaching your child what to think to teaching your child how to think.

Learn effective strategies and gain everyday tools to help your child avoid the worry trap and

help your child navigate the everyday challenges that they face.

Be Present 

​Positive relationships begin with positive interactions with self!

Learn how to reach the goals you have set for yourself this year: weight loss, relationships with self and others, being present in the moment and being kind to you!

Get off the treadmill of worry self doubt and negative thoughts in this fun and interactive one day workshop.


Help your child develop their own social program in this step by step and interactive workshop.  This fun and fast paced one day workshop will highlight social innuendos or rules and give tools to navigate challenging situations or behaviour in others. Some people pick these cues up naturally while many don't. These skills can be taught - much like building a drop down menu in a computer program - once it is developed, it is there for future use.

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